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I’m a celebrity! (Not really, but it’s fun to pretend.)

I know I said I’d be posting regularly, and it hasn’t really happened… although really, even once a year is regular. Regular and frequent mean different things. I didn’t promise to post frequently! Anyway, I’ve got an excuse. I was assuming that January and February would be pretty quiet, but instead, it’s been nuts!

3FM, a local radio station, interviewed me last week, and even made a little video of me making soap! You can view it on my Facebook page, here: (May as well like the page while you’re there, eh?) I cannot tell you how nervous I was, in the run-up to this! But they did such a great job with the video, I’m absolutely delighted with it!

3FM are also running a promotion from Monday, where you can win a bar of my soap, so listen to Matt’s Soap Box from 8am. Good luck!

Here I am with Matt and Brad – they were lovely!

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