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“You must have a machine to do that…”

Neatly wrapped soap bars

…is something I hear fairly often when I’m out at fairs and markets. Unfortunately, no, I don’t have a machine to do that. I wrap every bar myself, by hand. “But it’s so neat!” they say. Well, that’s because I’m weirdly obsessive about some things. I wish the rest of my life was this orderly.

Soap wrapping in progress

In all seriousness though, I wish I did have a machine to do this. Wrapping is one of the most boring and time-consuming parts of the job. But it’s arguably one of the most important, too. Because if it doesn’t look good, people won’t stop to look, and smell, and browse what’s available, and ask questions

But, boring as it is, it doesn’t take an awful lot of brain power, so I can listen to a podcast or something interesting or funny, and that passes the time quite nicely.

Incidentally, this is Manannan, my sea breeze scented soap – available to purchase HERE

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