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More Lotion Experiments

This lavender day cream was one of the projects in the Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation, which I’m studying with Formula Botanica.

Lavender day cream ready for stability testing.

I want to see how the cream performs under different conditions. One pot will stay in my soap room, as a control specimen. It’s reasonably cool in there, with no big temperature fluctuations. One pot will go in the fridge, and the third will go in my insanely hot car. I’ll monitor the three pots over the course of a couple of week, and note any changes or observations.

Will it grow mould? If it does, I know that the preservative I’ve used isn’t suitable, or is insufficient. Will the cream separate, or split? If it does, I know that there’s an issue with the emulsifier. Or, will it just generally “go weird” in some way? If that happens, I need to do more research into the ingredients, and how they interact with each other.

Of course, maybe none of those things will happen, and the cream will be fine, in which case I know that I’m heading in the right direction, and all I need to work on is the fragrance. In this cream I used an organic lavender hydrosol. Unfortunately it smells horrible. 😫

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