Sisal Soap Bag


Sisal soap bag

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Prolong the life of your soap, and exfoliate your skin at the same time, whilst also reducing plastic waste. Those nylon shower puffs are great for getting you clean, but they’re kind of tricky to use with bar soap, and they need replacing fairly often, so they contribute to landfill.

sisal soap bag
sisal soap bag

If you like to use bar soap in the shower, this is a really convenient way to do it: Place the bar of soap inside the bag, lather it up through the bag, and rub the whole thing directly on your skin. It has a pleasantly scrubby feel, removing dirt and dead skin, and helping to boost your circulation.  Then hang it up by the drawstring to dry, soap and all, ready for next time. It’s like soap and a shower puff in one, but without the plastic.

Sustainable and renewable, the bags are made from sisal, which is a Mexican plant cultivated for it’s fibre, which is also used for rope and matting for floors. More about sisal here.

The soap lasts longer through being allowed to dry out thoroughly between uses, and when you’re getting near the end of the bar, you can put the next bar in there along with it, so you never have to bin the last sliver of soap that’s getting difficult to use.

The bags are approx 14cm x 10cm, comfortably accommodating my standard and larger bars. Although they can feel alarmingly scratchy when new and dry, they feel much softer when wet, and they also soften with use.


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